Are you launching your own company? Safe to say there is a lot you need to do. Between product designing and effective marketing, you are likely to be swamped with work.

 However, among all of this, you must not forget about three essential parts of your business. Logo. Tagline. Brand message. These elements are the founding stones of a quality marketing and creative strategy.

The importance of a logo

A logo is a symbol or a design that represents your company. In startups and newly established companies, the logo does more than mere representation. It differentiates your company from others. It ensures that your customers know which product in the market belongs to you. It guarantees that your customers are able to link your communication to your company.

Therefore, it is important to invest in a logo. You can create one with the help of a logo maker generator or a free logo maker software. For those of you who have limited resources, a free online logo maker and download is a good start. No free logo design templates or free logo download can deliver the same effect as the work of a professional. However, it can deliver a satisfactory logo to get you started.

Why a tagline?

A tagline allows you to communicate your positioning to your customers as well as to the industry. All the big companies have taglines. Whether it be L’Oréal, McDonalds or Nike. Remember that taglines are supposed to be lines and not wordy phrases or paragraphs. You must be pithy yet convincing.

The main challenge in coming up with a tagline is to encompass your brand message in a few words. The better you do it, the more clear your customers would be about your offering. Also, creative taglines are likely to stay with customers and hence increase brand engagement.

The need for a brand message

Gone are the days when businesses sell products. Now, you are supposed to sell ideas. It is important for you to think big and communicate this to your customers as well. This is where a brand message comes in.

A brand message allows you to express what your brand wishes to achieve or what difference it will make in the lives of the consumers. You must make sure that the message is consistently delivered through all marketing vessels.


Focus on your logo, tagline and brand message. These might be the stepping stone of branding, but they are important nonetheless.